Dragan Vucinic

President of the Steering Comm
Udruženje menadžera Srbije
DescriptionThe Serbian Management Association (SMA) has been a regional leader in professional development for over 25 years, advancing the skills of individuals to drive business success in Serbia and Southeast Europe. SMA’s approach to improving performance combines experiential learning—“learning through doing”—with opportunities for ongoing professional growth at every step of one’s career journey. SMA supports the goals of individuals and organizations through a complete range of products and services, including seminars, Webcasts and podcasts, conferences, corporate and government solutions, business books/guides and research. Our Seminars, Whitepapers, Webcasts and Podcasts, have been proven to improve immediate performance and long-term results for individuals and organizations. SMA is in the process of becoming the exclusive training partner for American Management Association (AMA) and its AMA Training solutions. Sticking to the principle of “Practitioners Help Practitioners”, we develop programs promoting “Learning through Doing”, delivered by trainers from all industries who were former managers, senior managers, consultants or CEOs. Annually more than 200,000 people worldwide attend AMA seminars. SMA is the first international institute engaged in providing professional training and consulting services for the organizations and the individuals in Serbia. Since our establishment in 1993, SMA has provided service to more than ten thousand people from more than 4000 enterprises: by encompassing state-owned and privately owned enterprises, as well as multinational companies. Through years of local product development, we have successfully introduced a wide range of world-leading management programs and training tools to Serbia and developed them into products and services that meet the local needs. We have developed a comprehensive management training curriculum covering leadership development, marketing, sales, training topics. We are also striving to build the country’s biggest full-time senior consultant team, focusing on strengthening the consultant's body of knowledge, organizational design and development, program development, and training delivery. We now have more than 100 members, providing services from our offices in Serbia. Each year, we hold around 10 public seminars on more than 40 topics, and closely work with the major multinational companies, large state-owned and private-owned companies on in-house training initiatives. The purpose of this page is to promote discussions of practices in the areas of organizational management and leadership.
Organization Type Cluster, Producer, Other, Company
CityBelgrade, Yuri Gagarin Street No. 162/24, 11070 New Belgrade Google map
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